I have to share this experience with you, the patients, so I can paint a more clear picture of what it means to be a medical practitioner in today’s America. Every day when we open the mail at our clinic, it is an opportunity to confront a number of the latest tactics insurance companies will employ in order to delay payment for the care we delivered to you the patients. Today it all moved to the next level. Here’s what happened. I opened the mail, only to be confronted with a few payment denials from United Healthcare in the cases of a few patients for which there was no reason to deny payment. It has become so commonplace that I recognize immediately when payment has been denied on purpose and a phone call will fix it (the phone call lasts half an hour). But it buys the insurance company a couple of months and all they have to do is apologize for the error. The error, by the way, looks like this: “Since you have submitted this claim outside of the allowed time we have to deny your claim at this time.” On the same piece of paper it states that you have 90 days to file the claim and it is apparent from the date of service that we submitted it within 30 days and yet………..there is a mistake. 

 But I digress. Here is the surprise of the year…………..

Wait for it…………….

Calls are being tranferred to India!!!!!!!! Now this is not computer technical support which has become mainstream in India. Noooooooooo! This is help with your medical claim. The questions are being answered by “Ricky” or “Penny” with all the other”Brians” and “Beckys” helping other customers in the background. I would imagine the insurance companies had to make this move seeing how all these intentional mistakes they make create a high call volume. Of course there aren’t enough people in America to answer all these questions! We need to enlist the help of 1 billion Indians to solve the crisis at United Healthcare.

Give me a break!