Mission statement: The purpose of Orange County Doctors of Physical Therapy is to provide comprehensive therapeutic services to those patients with diseases and/or disabilities involving primarily the musculoskeletal, vestibular, neurological, pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.

Our goals:

1. To provide evaluation of muscle strength, joint mobility, proprioception, functional and occupational activities.

2. To provide a treatment plan consistent with the prescription of the physician, dentist, podiatrist, or osteopath and the needs of the patient.

3. To provide atreatment regimen utilizing accepted therapy procedures within the patient’s tolerance.

4. To provide training and education, within the scope of the discipline, to the patient.

5. To provide training and education, within the scope of the discipline, to staff or family that will care for the patient.

6. To provide instruction to the patient for satisfactory discharge from the facility and continued health maintenance practices.

7. To provide all necessary physical procedures and emotional support, within the scope of the discipline, so that the patient may achieve the optimal functional level.

Vision statement: Orange County Doctors of Physical Therapy will be the leader and primary resource, throughout the community, representing all aspects of physical therapy and will be recognized as such by the public and the physical therapy profession.

2 Responses to “Mission statement and goals of OCDPT”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Medicine is a young profession. No matter what form you choose to take (MD, PT, DC, RN, PA, or any other initials out there). Not too far in the past we were prescribing frontal lobotomy’s for all behavioral issues (until 1977 in most of the U.S) Not to far in the past we hung people for thinking the world wasn’t flat. In the very near past we counted Pluto as a plant in our solar system.

    I guess what I’m saying is that no one profession has figured out how to heal the human body of all its aliments yet. All professions have their humble beginnings and theory’s that don’t pan out or didn’t pan out. All professionals have people in their profession that give a bad perception of that profession. Are all lawyers scumbags? It’s in our nature to criticize that which we don’t understand. We as humans still don’t understand much of our world let alone how it works.

    So can we say that physical therapists are more geared toward the muscle reeducation and rehabilitation aspect of healthcare. Neurosurgeons are geared more toward correcting spinal and brain disease and damage. Chiropractors are geared toward realignment of the spine and musculoskeletal disorders.

    Almost everyone that gets into a medical field is in it to help people. This is the common ground. The common goal of all healthcare. Regardless of what aspect of healthcare we choose. Lets keep this in mind before we criticize other professions.

    If you are interested in a field of medicine, go spend a few days with that type of professional and see if the BS that they are preaching is the kind of BS you can shovel on a daily basis.

  2. Daniel Buda Says:

    @ Nathan…. I am baffled that you chose this particular post for your comment. That is in addition to having no idea what you are trying to say.What are you proposing?

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