Back pain. Knee pain. Fibromyalgia. Car accidents. So many times I have wondered if my pain will ever go away. It is hard to be objective when it is you that’s hurting. You figure the pain will never go away because it is so real… touchable……. It might get better for others….but this pain will not go away. Just as I have been wrong most of the time with the occasional pain in my body you too are probably wrong. I will attempt to bring to light issues and solutions that are going to help you deal with the questions you have about your pain. And if I can’t do it in writing contact me and I will do it in my clinic in Garden Grove, CA. I am Dr. Daniel Buda, an orthopedic physical therapist in practice for ten years. I am an avid cyclist and soccer player so I have had the occasional pain and (before becoming a physical therapist) the occasional question that most of the time remained unanswered. Well, times have changed and technology allows you to tap into a whole new resource. Use it!